Grantcoin can be traded for Bitcoin on two online exchanges:

  • Bittrex — Major U.S.-based exchange.
  • SouthXchange — Small exchange based in Argentina. Spanish and English interface.

There are not yet any active markets for trading Grantcoin directly for U.S. dollars, euros, or other mainstream currencies. If you want to buy Grantcoin on an exchange, first you will need to buy Bitcoin. Reputable and user-friendly places to buy Bitcoin online include Coinbase (dollars) and Bitstamp (dollars and euros).

If you would like to make a large purchase of Grantcoin — $250 USD or more (or equivalent in another currency) — and you don’t want to move the market price through your own buying activity, please contact the Grantcoin Foundation to discuss making an off-market purchase from our currency reserve.

See also:

  • Wallets — Options for storing your Grantcoin.
  • Legal Disclaimer — Grantcoin is not an equity or security, and ownership of Grantcoin does not entitle the owner to any dividends or voting rights in the Grantcoin Foundation.